Our Vision

We are dreaming of an Africa which takes all its responsibilities. As the mother continent of humanity, that Africa must seek and trace alternative paths towards the development of a world that houses all creation. The human being, author and beneficiary of this ideal development, is at the heart of ESTAD’s mission, with the support of all its national and international partners. Our ambition is to bring, through innovative training approaches and complementary to those that already exist, men and women capable of achieving such a dream, thanks in particular to the real-time mastery of the most advanced techniques and technologies.

Our objectives

As the first private higher education institution in Cameroon specializing in distance education, ESTAD is the place where, thanks to the power of ICTs, intuition and reality, emotion and rationality enter into dialogue for all those who want to be educated, trained, anytime and anywhere. We commit all the physical, intellectual and mental capacities of the learner so that he/she will able, throughout the training, to improve his/her life and that of his/her fellows. These customised courses will allow learners to accumulate independent packages, made up of operational theories and practices, leading to university degrees and/or certificates. In doing so, ESTAD reduces inequalities in access to quality training, by allowing the best experts to offer their knowledge to the most isolated areas and accelerate the generalized development of this responsible Africa, committed to building a better world.

Our diplomas

The degree courses are open in the 2021-2022 academic year in the disciplines which form the base of the industrial production apparatus, namely computer sciences, telecommunications, and particularly renewable energies. These disciplines are complemented by those that support the major functions of all businesses, including human resources, finance, research and development. Entrepreneurship training will be the basis of all ESTAD training. Depending on each type of course, the following diplomas will be awarded: BTS, Professional Degrees, Masters or Engineer Diplomas.

Our Infrastructure

Our Original Site is located in Yaoundé, within the Conference Centre and whenever necessary, we set up secondary sites – ESTAD- Point of Presence (PoP) – to remain close to our learners. With regard to teaching aids, in addition to conventional tools for each sector, ESTAD makes use of its network of partners at the national and international levels through access to professional simulators for simulations of the most advanced techniques and self-designed simulators. In addition, our students have access to the highly valued knowledge bases of our partners such as MICROSOFT, RED HAT, LAFAAC, CATIs of MINMIDT, GICAM.

Our governance system

ESTAD makes it a point of honour to follow the texts and recommendations of the Ministry of Higher Education and CAMES in terms of university governance, hence this organisation chart.

Our lecturers

Like its rector, Associate Professor of Economics TOUNA MAMA, ESTAD relies on a teaching staff made up of national and international academics as well as experienced professionals with a minimum of 10 years of experience. The coordinator of departments Dr. Théophile MBANG is a man of experience who has headed several university departments for at least 5 years.

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