The Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education proceeded to the inauguration of the Higher School of Advanced Technologies Adapted for Development (ESTAD).

Inaugural lecture given by Prof. TOUNA MAMA, special advisor No.1 to the Prime Minister, Head of Government on the theme: “The Common Good”.

Dr Etienne MFOUMOU, expert researcher at the University of Nova Scotia in Canada was the moderator.

During the discussions, Pr. Jacques FAME NDONGO, Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education asked the following questions:

  • Why is education, which is a common good, not having a sovereign status?
  • Why is Cameroon, a country endowed with many natural resources, having energy problems?

The inaugural lecture was broadcast live on social media.

Dr. Vincent NKONG-NJOCK, founding member of ESTAD, and expert in solar energy and Executive Director of ILEMEL gave answers on the energy issue.

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