Modernising training in creative industries and digital trades: the objective of the partnership signed between LAFAAAC and ESTAD for the benefit of the entire training ecosystem in Cameroon.

L’Académie Franco-Anglophone des Arts Audiovisuels et du Cinéma (LAFAAAC), an innovative French start-up launched in 2017, offers  training courses in the creative industries in sub-Saharan Africa. It makes use of the full educational potential of digital technology, via a mobile training application , to create courses the content of which is produced by experts and professionals in Europe and Africa. LAFAAAC is committed to confirming its positioning on the African continent with structuring partnerships that aim at making both sides complementary.

For its part, The Higher School of Advanced Technologies Adapted For Development (ESTAD), based in Yaoundé, Cameroon, aims at putting all the powers of ICTs at the service of all those who wish to be trained, anytime and anywhere. As an applied research-oriented, ESTAD’s training project, with the support of its national and international partners, is relying on the best experts capable of offering the most “Advanced” solutions, in order to accelerate the “Development” of Africa to enable it entering into the industrial world. To date, the institution will be offering three diploma courses for the 2021-2022 academic year in the fields of IT, telecommunications and renewable energy.

To better take part in the development objective based on the strong potential of information and communication technologies and to organise the sector of cultural and creative industries on the African continent, LAFAAAC et l’ESTAD have decided to join forces in the framework of a pilot project. Eager to contribute in a complementary way to the offer of innovative training on the continent, the two institutions are currently trying the attraction of mobile learning using the LAFAAAC application with the ultimate objective of co-creating a set of training courses on new technologies and creativity peculiar to the cultural sector.

Olivier Pascal, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), LAFAAAC 

 “We look forward to the benefits that our joint efforts with ESTAD will bring to speed up the development of cultural industries in a country where ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity is a real goldmine. I am personally very happy and confident to sign this agreement with ESTAD, whose training philosophy is the quest for natural complementarity between ‘creativity and rationality’. It is also a homecoming for LAFAAAC since the idea of this platform came up in Cameroon during my consultant work for CAM-DTV with Mr MEZOM”. 

Timothée MEZOM MELOUTA, Director General of ESTAD 

“The objectives the LAFAAAC project is aiming at are in consonance with those of ESTAD in at least two respects: they all want to seize the opportunity of digital technology to offer new teaching and learning possibilities; they are all interested in culture, particularly its digital aspects. I am convinced that a synergy between ESTAD and LAFAAAC will be mutually beneficial and will help to open up new horizons for digital arts and more generally for training via digital platforms, for the well-being of the African youth, particularly in rural areas. 


LAFAAAC, created in 2017, edits training courses in the creative industries (TV, radio, cinema, book publishing, fashion, music, etc.), focusing on the innovations brought by the digital technology to training.

The training courses offered by LAFAAAC are accessible on a dedicated mobile application (that can be used off-line, a prerequisite for Africa), complemented by virtual classroom tutorials for practice. Its primary market is sub-Saharan Africa, both French and English speaking. LAFAAAC is for companies (cultural groups in Africa that are drafting a training policy), institutions (regional or international organisations, schools, etc.) and individuals, that is nearly 2 million learners, including the new generations of professionals, flexible, lovers of Do It Yourself and on-line self-training.

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